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You know those nights? They’re the nights that become day. Full of dancing and howling at the moon. And there’s some kind of magic in those nights. They’re the nights that remind us what it means to connect. The nights that teach us how to leave everything behind. And live in the moment. They’re the nights that memories are made of. Yeah, you know those nights.” – wisdom words from famous alcohol brand’s latest commercial.

Yeah, we all know those nights. But what we also know are the mornings after.

And oh boy… some of them outplay the Magic of the previous night big time and remind me I am no longer 18.

I used to be the soul of the party. I used to dance till the morning, have one or several too many drinks and have a blast. Then shrug it all off after only couple of hours of sleep and bounce through the rest of the day. Yes – bounce. Now it’s much closer to a crawling motion…

Don’t get me wrong – while I enjoyed the occasional blast together with my peeps, I did not make it a regular habit. However, for me the ultimate warrior story is not about how memorable (though that was not always an option) were those party nights… it is about how I survived through the next day and what I tried to quicken the recovery. It doesn’t take long to find a list of hangover remedies, in some case legends. I’ve tried most of them.

Keep hydrated while partying. I even heard about drinking one glass of water for each glass of alcoholic beverage; my standing record – 2 glasses, then I usually loose track. But whenever I was still able to count my fingers, I tried to make sure I am having a last glass of water before succumbing to sleep – it’s a fact that alcohol dehydrates and drinking water is the least you can do to be kind to yourself.

Never drink on an empty stomach. Since we party with friends, it is usually combined with dinner or loads of starters, so drinking on empty stomach wasn’t really my thing. Probably without the food, my next morning hangover would have been even much worse. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, and the longer it takes the alcohol to reach your blood stream, the longer it is until you become intoxicated.


Natural Morning remedies. From all the different natural remedies that I tried by myself during my wild youth, somehow the most successful were still the morning after remedies. One of all-time favorites back in Romania is drinking the juice of pickled cabbage. The salty-sour drink is reach in vitamins C and B 12 and it helps the body to re-hydrate much quicker and get much needed minerals such as Magnesium or Potassium. Many of my conationals swear by it. Drink and live by it.

solanka03My version of the greasy food I went for when it was possible is a big portion of Solanka – fantastic for a weakened body in needs of a quick source of energy that helps with fighting the nausea. This thick Slavic soup has it all – olives, pickled stuff, several types of meat, potatoes, lemon and whatever else makes a good solanka according to the chef.

They say sweat it off. I say shag it off! It does have the same effects and it is a much more pleasurable way to power through, all while not even having to leave the comforts of your bed. And it can be the perfect continuation of the previous night’s endeavors, provided you are waking up in circumstances to your liking rather than to discover you would rather sweat it off by making a quick exit.

You know how there is this famous question that celebrities get to answer: What would you tell to your younger self? I am going to dig deeper there, given that I am raising two gorgeous and smart girls of my own.

But for now, this is me sharing with you what I would tell to my younger self, bent over with a splitting headache is:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Have fun as much as you can because responsibilities will never disappear
  • You are doing a fantastic job at picking good friends to share both wild celebrations and tough goings
  • Drink Aloe Vera – before you start partying and in the morning after you wake up. Aloe Vera gel is a natural, safe, and by far the most efficient method for getting rid of your hangovers.

You don’t have to believe me – google it. It’s the best known secret there is:

Aloe gel has the ability to re-hydrate the body, tackling the first problem of headaches, raging thirst and light sensitivity. It also detoxes the body so it helps it cope with the chemicals reducing depression. It stabilizes blood sugar levels and so it aids the elimination of alcohol more easily from the body relieving tiredness. It completely calms the stomach relieving nausea.

All you need is half a cup of the God’s Nectar before you head into the eye of the storm and another round when you wake up. The trick is to find the real deal: the purest gel there is, the next best thing to carrying around an Aloe potted plant to suck on between the shots.

Keep this in mind since the beach parties and summer festivals season is about to start right after you wake up from the mid-summer celebration that will last for days and nights in a row.

Here’s to a fantastic summer! I know I will take full advantage of it. Will you?