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Reflections on death aftermath

My grandmother just passed away not long ago.

I was dreading the impact of her death and imagined I will be devastated when it will eventually happen.

I used to spend a big part of my vacations at her place. So, when it happened, despite being something we expected for a while, it still left me totally numb. As if suddenly I was unable to formulate some sort of a more violent type of emotion.

One thing though that I came to realize is what a big bullshit it is when people say that when someone is gone they are still present in some way.

Death means that someone stopped existing. And not only that someone but an entire universe is collapsed/ stopped existing with them.

There is this utter empty space they leave behind and all the severed connections. Lots of suspended thoughts and gestures and steps towards the emptiness that used to be a filled, complete universe.

And this total numbness. A whole lots of NOTHING.


It’s Mother’s Day again. Like every year.

Whether you choose to shower your mom with lavish gifts or simply treat her to a home cooked dinner, show your mum you care this Mother’s Day by reminding her why she is so important to you.

But even more important, remember to appreciate and honour your parents throughout the year. In Romania the saying goes: who doesn’t have elderly family, should go get themselves some.

I leave far from my parents. We meet not as often as we should maybe. It allows me to notice with sadness new signs of aging and losing strength in them as years pass by.


And I am not happy about it not only because they are my parents. But because they are the loving, giving and generous grandparents to my children.

Each vacation my kids spend with them is another blessing. One of those unique memories they will cherish over the years and wish for their own children to live through. A safe haven from the crazy city life that can be more bearing on a young child nowadays that it was for us.

And I want for my parents to be around for many years to come. My parents have been supportive with everything I have decided to do in my life. And have been there for the big moments; and they’ve been there when the road got rough.

Now it’s my time to step in and be there for them when the road starts getting steep and hard to keep on for them.

And even though there are many situations or moments I cannot be there for them physically, I try to make sure that they have access to good quality medicine and good quality supplements to help them along the way.

Many of the typical problems in people over 60 are related to losing mobility & joints, gut and digestion, high level of cholesterol, bones resistance, vascular system and heart activity. I learn about it not only from my parents but all other seniors I come across – uncles, aunts, friends’ and colleagues‘ parents.


Here are several of the products I loaded my mom with before she left from us.

Forever Freedom is the upgraded Forever Aloe Gel drink enriched with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and Vit C; it helps my mom with maintaining proper joint function and mobility.

MSM soothing gel for her painful joints, arthritis troubles. Especially during changing weather conditions like this spring.

Forever Garlic & Thyme that benefits the cardiovascular system and the immune system, very useful for my parents given also the number of international airports they must pass by when traveling with their grandchildren, for example.

Arctic Sea, for the necessary Omega 3, DHA and EPA supplementing. Also another good support for cardio-vascular system, digestive system and immune system for my parents. I want them in top shape to have all the energy a toddler requires from the caring adults.

Forever Bright Tooth gel, very good in general for people with sensitive or bleeding gums, which most people encounter later in life.

Aloe Vera Gelly and the Aloe Propolis cream – both excellent for various skin conditions, such as psoriasis flares that can be triggered in third age women by menopause and also in treating bed sores in old people that are bed bound after a stroke or due to other conditions.

There are many more products by the Forever Living that could be good for our parents and not only.


They all can do great deal of good but they require that they are taken regularly. They should be part of a daily complete, well balanced diet.

To bring a smile on their face, bring them flowers. Call them. To make another sweet memory celebrate together. Visit them.

To be there for the long haul, get involved with their routine, support them in keeping active and ensure they have a balanced diet.

Happy Mother’s Day!