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Healthy is the New Sexy!

Being healthy is not only good, it means being in better shape, feeling better about yourself. That means a better attitude and confidence. And all of that that is SEXY. So, yes: Healthy is the new sexy!

There are many programs out there to help you get in better shape. Many good dieting and fitness programs. And many coaches committed to be there for you.

Me… I am relatively healthy. And I have been in fantastic shape and also totally out of shape – decades of work behind a desk, 2 pregnancies and lack of time to take better care of yourself will do that to you. And, an overall lack of energy at the end of the day, when you felt you stretched yourself again in so many directions that you are about to burst and the only thing you dream of is a glass of wine and a quiet evening on the couch.

So: no, the marathon type of challenges have not been my cup of tea so far. Neither are the 60 day – 90 days challenges. Because I have a life I am pretty much fine with and I am not looking forward to turning everything upside down. I am willing and ready to make some changes and put in some effort. But not dramatically change everything about my life.

So, from all those many great programs out there, Forever C9 is the one that fits me. There are many things I love about the Forever C9 program. One of the fantastic things about it it’s that it is NINE (9) DAYS only.

We can all commit and give it our honest best effort for 9 days, right?
Longer than that in nowadays is hard to keep a strong commitment – kids, work, family emergencies, friends in need of support, celebrations, etc. Life happens and YOU are part of it. YOU must embrace it and ride the wave!

This is why I believe it is much easier to make a 9 DAYS commitment to put yourself first only and prioritize your needs.

C9 contains a unique nine day dietary supplement regime designed to transform your diet and fitness habits.


Designed to kick-start weight loss and cleanse your body, the C9 Program provides the perfect starting point for transforming your diet and fitness habits.

And you know what? If I can, then you can.

Yes, YOU CAN lose weight. YOU CAN look better and feel better than ever before and YOU CAN make a permanent change for the better.

And after the 9 days, the better you will keep moving on – looking better and feeling so much better with a well accomplished first step!

  • Real results in 9 days
  • Simple program
  • Nutritionally balanced giving your body what it needs
  • Easy effective cleansing program
  • Look and feel better
  • Feel more energised
  • Establish life long habits that can help you achieve lasting weight management

And, if that was not enough, it comes with a coach acting more as a buddy than the sports fanatic that will race your arse across the sports field until it will make you regret the day you decided to start the program.

Further more, you can share this experience with others, develop new friendships bonded by a shared experience and a shared goal.

It is all within your reach and it takes only 9 days out of your busy life. YOU CAN DO IT.

You can get in better shape and improve your health. Because, remember: Healthy is the New Sexy!

If you are interested to learn more about this fantastic program or you know someone who could benefit from it, let me know.



Reflections on death aftermath

My grandmother just passed away not long ago.

I was dreading the impact of her death and imagined I will be devastated when it will eventually happen.

I used to spend a big part of my vacations at her place. So, when it happened, despite being something we expected for a while, it still left me totally numb. As if suddenly I was unable to formulate some sort of a more violent type of emotion.

One thing though that I came to realize is what a big bullshit it is when people say that when someone is gone they are still present in some way.

Death means that someone stopped existing. And not only that someone but an entire universe is collapsed/ stopped existing with them.

There is this utter empty space they leave behind and all the severed connections. Lots of suspended thoughts and gestures and steps towards the emptiness that used to be a filled, complete universe.

And this total numbness. A whole lots of NOTHING.

I am Crista and I am dream fluid.

Some have big clear crisp dreams they go after. Some tell themselves that happiness is wanting what you already have until they convince themselves that settling is bliss. And pretend to have found the garden of ZEN on the way to drop the waste to the bin.

And then are the ones who fail to do that. To settle. But they also fail to chase any dreams, big or small. They just are not cut to make it happen.

And then there are people like me – refusing to lock all their hopes and energy in one stone-curved dream.

And not because I am not an ambitious or hard working individual. I am both.

But because life taught me that dreams and ambitions are at best situational. My Everest I was climbing and conquering during my early professional years is very different from my Everest during the years when my relationship hit the bottom. And a lot more different again when we managed to put that mountain behind us and we struggled for many years to get to the baby no. 2.

And then I thought for a few short weeks that I had it all. FINALLY. Only to learn that my Everest was still ahead of me and we had a long and painstaking battle with our baby’s health at stake.

So, you see, depending on the circumstances, my mountain had a different definition. That is what makes it situational.

Many think that our dreams are what defines us. For me, it is not our dreams, it is our relentless commitment to climb our own version of the Everest. Understand that while nobody else will do it in our place, it is OK to accept help and encouragement on the way. It is OK to stop to catch your breath. It is OK to live a little in the process.

And it is OK if while you are on your journey, you lift your head and gaze up only to realize you are no longer climbing your mountain and you need to refocus.

It is OK. And don’t let others bully you into a snap answer to a snap question: what are your dreams?

I am Crista and I am dream fluid.