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Reflections on death aftermath

My grandmother just passed away not long ago.

I was dreading the impact of her death and imagined I will be devastated when it will eventually happen.

I used to spend a big part of my vacations at her place. So, when it happened, despite being something we expected for a while, it still left me totally numb. As if suddenly I was unable to formulate some sort of a more violent type of emotion.

One thing though that I came to realize is what a big bullshit it is when people say that when someone is gone they are still present in some way.

Death means that someone stopped existing. And not only that someone but an entire universe is collapsed/ stopped existing with them.

There is this utter empty space they leave behind and all the severed connections. Lots of suspended thoughts and gestures and steps towards the emptiness that used to be a filled, complete universe.

And this total numbness. A whole lots of NOTHING.


Children are our forever superstars

We always give them our love; still, somehow around special occasions like Christmas or summer vacation they get more spoiled than ever.

Summer vacation is the time to reconnect and relax with family, to recreate favourite childhood memories and make new ones together. Do you see your family lying on a beach or around a resort pool, hiking mountain trails, learning history from a national park ranger, exploring a new city, being thrilled by an exotic adventure or a daring new theme park ride?

Here are some of the things that we also try for starting our children’s healthy summer habits that don’t necessarily mean going bankrupted over the summer.

Limit mobile phone, TV and computer time. Especially when the beautiful weather outside means there is absolutely no reason why the children should not be out there.

Estonia04Plan a time with them to get out of the house for walks, trips to the park or other physical activities. Baltics have an abundance of state parks that are outstanding options for fitness activities for families. From parks with tracks for the very energetic ones like the Tarzan Park in Sigulda, Latvia, to the ones who enjoy a more leisurely rest. Find a park close by and get going.  The picture here is from our last summer trip to Saaremaa in Estonia.

Consider extending the amount of time you and your child spend being active each day. Fitness experts say children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Walk or ride bikes together. Play badminton or beach football together. Trying simple games such as racing, jumping rope, skipping, or playing tag or hide-and-seek will get you and your kids moving together, and remind yourself how much fun playing can be. Especially when there are no other kids around to play with and your little one suffers from being lonely, you could try into their play mate for a while.

trees1Walking and moving freely is the very first adventure in children’s life. Give them the freedom to roam unrestricted within the safe territory you set, even climbing trees if they fancy so. They learn to master the movement through long practice and with patience, but also with bruises and other small injuries. They cannot be avoided, but Aloe First makes sure that your little baby’s skin recovers quickly and regenerates after each bruise. It’s been a saviour for me from tending to small bruises to brushing unruly and entangled hair.

All cloths and sports equipment deserve equal attention. How else can they be ready for tomorrow’s adventures your little hero will take them on? This highly concentrated formula often only takes a few drops to get the job done. Besides clean clothes, MDP X2 is also very kind to your children’s skin, without any potentially damaging chemicals.

Healthy habits are particularly important in the summer months, when kids are out of school. Their days are less structured, and they’re more likely to eat junk food.

Eating dinner together as a family is one thing many of us will always remember dearly from our childhood. Have your child help with dinner or make a healthy menu that you prepare. Use healthier cooking options such as roasting or steaming instead of frying. Add one new vegetable each week. Limit foods and drinks high in calories and sugar. Provide easy access to fruits instead. No day should pass without fresh fruits and veggies should be your mantra.

Consider rewarding your kids for making healthy choices by giving them treats such as stickers, badges, or a picture book or coloring book instead of sweets.

And a drink of FOREVER ALOE BITS N’PEACHES can only help in boosting immune system resistance so that the little hero can roam unrestricted. And besides the multitude of benefits that Aloe gel has, the addition of peaches provides carotenoids – valuable as antioxidants and a source of vitamin A. My elder one has her own ritual every morning to ensure a good start of the day.

And when the child comes running into your arms and hugs you tight, you want to see their bright eyes and their beautiful heart melting smile.

pagina-161Aloe Vera has long been treasured for its quality and versatility – including dental care. My child’s teeth gleam with Forever Bright®, free from fluoride and one of the best tooth gels on the market. Years of research, development and collaboration with scholars and dentists have provided Forever Living with the optimum Aloe-based formula for effective cleaning. Your entire family will love the flavour and the clean mouth-feel, too.

Regardless of your summer plans, in our Forever family children have the chance to a harmonious development, staying healthy and protected thanks to our products, so that they can enjoy most cherished moments childhood holds.

I am Crista and I am dream fluid.

Some have big clear crisp dreams they go after. Some tell themselves that happiness is wanting what you already have until they convince themselves that settling is bliss. And pretend to have found the garden of ZEN on the way to drop the waste to the bin.

And then are the ones who fail to do that. To settle. But they also fail to chase any dreams, big or small. They just are not cut to make it happen.

And then there are people like me – refusing to lock all their hopes and energy in one stone-curved dream.

And not because I am not an ambitious or hard working individual. I am both.

But because life taught me that dreams and ambitions are at best situational. My Everest I was climbing and conquering during my early professional years is very different from my Everest during the years when my relationship hit the bottom. And a lot more different again when we managed to put that mountain behind us and we struggled for many years to get to the baby no. 2.

And then I thought for a few short weeks that I had it all. FINALLY. Only to learn that my Everest was still ahead of me and we had a long and painstaking battle with our baby’s health at stake.

So, you see, depending on the circumstances, my mountain had a different definition. That is what makes it situational.

Many think that our dreams are what defines us. For me, it is not our dreams, it is our relentless commitment to climb our own version of the Everest. Understand that while nobody else will do it in our place, it is OK to accept help and encouragement on the way. It is OK to stop to catch your breath. It is OK to live a little in the process.

And it is OK if while you are on your journey, you lift your head and gaze up only to realize you are no longer climbing your mountain and you need to refocus.

It is OK. And don’t let others bully you into a snap answer to a snap question: what are your dreams?

I am Crista and I am dream fluid.

It’s Mother’s Day again. Like every year.

Whether you choose to shower your mom with lavish gifts or simply treat her to a home cooked dinner, show your mum you care this Mother’s Day by reminding her why she is so important to you.

But even more important, remember to appreciate and honour your parents throughout the year. In Romania the saying goes: who doesn’t have elderly family, should go get themselves some.

I leave far from my parents. We meet not as often as we should maybe. It allows me to notice with sadness new signs of aging and losing strength in them as years pass by.


And I am not happy about it not only because they are my parents. But because they are the loving, giving and generous grandparents to my children.

Each vacation my kids spend with them is another blessing. One of those unique memories they will cherish over the years and wish for their own children to live through. A safe haven from the crazy city life that can be more bearing on a young child nowadays that it was for us.

And I want for my parents to be around for many years to come. My parents have been supportive with everything I have decided to do in my life. And have been there for the big moments; and they’ve been there when the road got rough.

Now it’s my time to step in and be there for them when the road starts getting steep and hard to keep on for them.

And even though there are many situations or moments I cannot be there for them physically, I try to make sure that they have access to good quality medicine and good quality supplements to help them along the way.

Many of the typical problems in people over 60 are related to losing mobility & joints, gut and digestion, high level of cholesterol, bones resistance, vascular system and heart activity. I learn about it not only from my parents but all other seniors I come across – uncles, aunts, friends’ and colleagues‘ parents.


Here are several of the products I loaded my mom with before she left from us.

Forever Freedom is the upgraded Forever Aloe Gel drink enriched with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and Vit C; it helps my mom with maintaining proper joint function and mobility.

MSM soothing gel for her painful joints, arthritis troubles. Especially during changing weather conditions like this spring.

Forever Garlic & Thyme that benefits the cardiovascular system and the immune system, very useful for my parents given also the number of international airports they must pass by when traveling with their grandchildren, for example.

Arctic Sea, for the necessary Omega 3, DHA and EPA supplementing. Also another good support for cardio-vascular system, digestive system and immune system for my parents. I want them in top shape to have all the energy a toddler requires from the caring adults.

Forever Bright Tooth gel, very good in general for people with sensitive or bleeding gums, which most people encounter later in life.

Aloe Vera Gelly and the Aloe Propolis cream – both excellent for various skin conditions, such as psoriasis flares that can be triggered in third age women by menopause and also in treating bed sores in old people that are bed bound after a stroke or due to other conditions.

There are many more products by the Forever Living that could be good for our parents and not only.


They all can do great deal of good but they require that they are taken regularly. They should be part of a daily complete, well balanced diet.

To bring a smile on their face, bring them flowers. Call them. To make another sweet memory celebrate together. Visit them.

To be there for the long haul, get involved with their routine, support them in keeping active and ensure they have a balanced diet.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Aloe Vera for ever and more

It’s official: I am in awe at the power that Aloe Vera plant holds and how much good and goodness one can get from it.

aloe vera 03They say that it helps fighting inflammations and keeping healthy joints, keeps cholesterol under control, helps boosting the immune system, improves the function of and the general condition of the gut (no more bloating or constipation!!!), helps with ulcers and other ugly stomach problems and many more. There have been books written on it by people much better educated than me on the subject of Aloe Vera, health and wellness.

Once my eyes were wide open I started looking around and I noticed: many major product labels have been commercializing on this miraculous plant for decades – drinks with Aloe, supplements with Aloe, cosmetic product lines with Aloe, you name it. From your bathroom cabinet to the first-aid kit, from the kitchen to the travel back pack.

Like one of my very favorite movie quotes goes, if you can imagine one use for it, it means somebody somewhere is working on producing it right now.

In the old days, a fresh Aloe Vera leaf was rubbed against the skin whenever it was needed. For itching mosquito bites and stinging sunburn or just to make dry skin soft and smooth again. I have started asking questions and discovered that many people I personally know keep at home at least one such plant in the pot to use for small accidents that required a home remedy, such as an ugly skin burn.

IMG_2997And I tried to grow my own plantation going on my windowsill. The jury is still out on this – whether and when I could harvest the God’s nectar with my bare hands and enjoy all its benefits, as you can see from the picture…

My Aloe plant is developing and shows as promising as a mango or avocado you buy green from the supermarket and then keep at home hoping it’ll turn ripe rather than rotten.

So I needed a quicker and surer way! Because in the age of instant gratification I will not go through several years of watering and caring for a pot before I can even tell if I can use it or not.

However, the specialists have warned that these positive effects may not be brought by all the products made from Aloe gel and available on the market. It is important how the process of extraction and processing of the plant has been implemented and followed. So certified companies that abide by highest industry standards are the safest way to go – after all we talk about health, therapy and nutrition products.

And when you want and truly need something in your life, the universe shifts planets and constellations around to provide you the right circumstances. Or maybe I was just simply ready to look into information I was blind and deaf to before. You know, like when you are pregnant and all of a sudden everywhere you turn you can see almost only pregnant mommas and little babies.

Forever02So, long story short, I found out about Forever Living company, an American corporation that has been around for over 40 years, investing heavily in research and development of products based on Aloe. Forever starts with 100% inner leaf gel, delicately adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products. They completely control the entire process from the planting the Aloe to the products I proudly consume daily.

And if that is not enough, Forever does not test its products on animals and most of their products feature the Kosher, Halal and Islamic Society Seals of Approval.

And, even though they don’t boast about it, they work with heavy caliber scientists such as Dr. Ferid Murad, Nobel award winner for his work and research.

I will write more about my experience with the various Forever Living products. And share also other stories I personally could verify.

Contact me for more information on suitable products.

Thank you for reading and come again!

“I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones Enough to make my system blow…”

So… here I am, a mother of two and back to full-time job.Estonia03

Many of you out there can identify yourselves probably with several of the struggles I had coming at me like the nukes. And, unlike a Matrix hero, I could not ballet my way around them.

I had to face them, embrace them and find smart ways how to make my life not about surviving by a hair each day, but rather thriving and be pumped through the day.

Not one day a week and preferably on Saturday, but each day. Every day.

We all know the drill – eat healthy, kiss goodbye chocolate, sleep uninterrupted sleep, avoid any stress sources and stay clear of alcohol. Right? In other words, either go join a convent or live a life void of many of the little guilty pleasures we indulge ourselves in.

We all know also that joke with “what do you want to live for if you don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t…” (Feel free to add your list of secret pleasures here).

If you are already doing all of the above, be warned: I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!

If not, there is still a chance we could be great pals one day!

So, I embarked on a journey of exploring options that’ll give me the strength of superman boosted by the energy of the catwoman and the patience and wisdom of a Yoda.

While I may still have not found yet the perfect recipe and my kids can attest to it by the count of raised voice moments in our home (yup, I live my life passionately in so many ways), I believe I may as well be onto something!

I will pop in now and again – no promise or clear regularity and SLAs! And I will share my experiences and my family’s journey to a healthier us and an improved family well-being.

Thank you for reading and come again!

PS: Yes, I love Imagine Dragons!