My travel tips to staying fabulous from the outside

There will be a time and a place that will ask for something more of a fabulous from the outside.

Either a romantic dining experience with your significant other, or maybe a night out with the handsome stranger you met on the water rafting group. Or the gorgeous brunette you are so dying to impress. Or just one beautiful evening or more formal afternoon cocktails event you agreed to attend. Either ways, you better be prepared.

dressWhich means for the gals to always pack along for the trip a nice dress – basic and versatile one, from a fabric that doesn’t require ironing. And that can be easily accessorized with the necklace you just bought the other day from the local crafts & art market. Your own version of the famous little black dress. When choosing the right dress, be mindful not only of how good you look in it, but also of the local customs & social norms of the place you will be wearing it – e.g. you may want to stick to a less revealing model if you plan to travel to the less touristic parts of a Muslim or Hindu territory or state.



And, for the men, you’d be surprised to discover that many of the more respectable restaurants and clubs do not do shorts & sandals, no matter how good scruffy looks may be on you. Pack along for the trip a pair of light espadrilles and you will thank me later.

Have a fantastic trip and make loads of memories!